Insect Trap & Monitor (10 x Sleeves)

Product Summary:

Professional-grade insect trap & monitor units. Set these up in areas to either catch insects or use it as a way to monitor insect activity in an area. 



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Insect Trap & Monitor Details:

How to Use

Peel the film off the unit to expose the glue-like substance. Either lay the unit flat or fold the unit into a triangle or box-like shape.

Re-use until the glue-like substance is no longer effective at which point you can discard in the garbage.

Where to Use

Use in areas where insect activity has been observed or is expected (along perimeters, under and behind appliances and furniture, basement, garage, furnace room, under a sink etc.)

How it Works Insects will crawl on the unit and get stuck to the glue-like substance. This will allow you to catch insects and/or monitor an area for insect activity.

Pests to Use

Any crawling insects (and some small rodents like mice) 
Product Size

Each unit is approximately 3" x 6" 

Manufacturer Catchmaster


Insect Trap & Monitor (10 x Sleeves)