Squirrel Removal Roof Vent Kit


Product Summary:

An easy and humane do-it-yourself solution for removing squirrels that are gaining entry to your home through the roof vents. Assemble and affix this unit over the existing roof vent where squirrels are gaining entry. The 1-way door will allow squirrels to exit and not re-enter. 

Manufactured in Canada.



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Squirrel Removal Roof Vent Kit Details:

Items Included

Each kit includes the following:

1 x Galvanized Steel Roof Vent Cover

1 x Galvanized Steel Squirrel 1-Way Door

6 x screws

6 x steel washers

6 x zip-ties

How to Use

Attach the 1-way door to the roof vent cover using the provided zip-ties.

Using the provided screws and washers affix the unit over top the existing roof vent cover where the squirrels are gaining entry into your home. ***Be sure that the 1-way door opening is positioned in line with the spot on the roof vent where the squirrels have gained entry.

Where to Use

Use this over any entry point which is allowing an animal to enter a space (e.g. soffit, roof, deck, siding, wood lattice, fence etc.).

Pests to Use

Tools Needed

A power drill and 1/4" hexagon drill bit is needed to affix the unit to the roof using the provided screws.

Wire cutters/tin snips are required to cut an opening in the galvanized steel mesh roof vent cover where the 1-way door will be attached to.

Product Size

Roof vent cover dimensions: 18" x 18" x 3.5"

Total weight of kit: 1.5 lbs

Other Notes

Wildlife animals leave their nest generally every 24-48 hours to feed. This door will allow the animal to exit the space in order to go feed but it will not allow them to re-enter the space once they return. It is recommended to leave the door on for 14 days to guarantee all squirrels vacate.

This product is a humane alternative to trapping or killing wildlife animals.


Squirrel Removal Roof Vent Kit