plastic bottle with 8 oz of coyote urine with spray nozzel
Coyote Urine Mist Spray (8oz Spray Bottle)
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Coyote Urine Mist Spray (8oz Spray Bottle)

Product Summary:

Coyote Urine can be used to deter wildlife (raccoons, skunks, opossums, rabbits squirrels) from an area. It can also be used for certain hunting and trapping applications.

Coyote’s are a natural predator to many wildlife animals, therefore these animals will avoid an area which has the scent of Coyote urine. 



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Coyote Urine Details:

How to Use Use the spray-bottle nozzle to apply the liquid to an area. Apply approximately 10-15 sprays in a single spot every 2-3 days or as desired and reasonable.
Where to Use

Apply the spray in an area where wildlife animal activity has been observed or is expected. Spray in a single spot along travel pathways, fences, structure perimeters (e.g. garden, shed, deck, garage).

If a suitable nesting area exists, look to apply the spray nearby to deter the wildlife animals from establishing a nest.

Other Benefits This product is a humane, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to help manage your wildlife issues.
Other Notes This product is not 100% guaranteed as it may be challenging to monitor its effectiveness. 
Product Size

Bottle dimension is approximately 6" in height by 2" in diameter. 

8 oz / 250 mL of liquid contents within the bottle.




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Coyote Urine Mist Spray (8oz Spray Bottle)