Roof Vent Cover Kit

Product Summary:

Used to prevent wildlife from gaining access to your home through the roof vents. These covers are applied directly over existing roof vents.

Made of a high-quality galvanized steel mesh dipped in a black plastic coating. 

Manufactured in Canada.



plus applicable taxes.

Roof Vent Cover Kit Details:

Items Included

Each kit includes the following:

1 x  Roof Vent Cover (Galvanized steel mesh dipped in a plastic coating)

4 x 1.5" wood screws (coated, weather-resistant)

4 x 1/4" steel washers

How to Use

Place the roof vent cover directly over the existing roof vent. Using the provided screws and washers affix the roof vent directly to the roof by driving the screws through the roof shingles and into the wood roof substrate.

Where to Use

Use this on a roof vent (or any other ventilation fixture) where wildlife animals may gain entry into your home.

Tools Needed
If affixing the roof vent cover with the provided screws, a power drill and 1/4" hexagon drill bit is needed.  
Product Size

Approximate dimensions: 18" x 18" x 3.5"

Approximate weight: 1.0 lb

Other Notes

Homebuilder-quality roof vents are usually made of a composite/plastic material which can easily be removed or chewed through by wildlife animals providing them direct access into your home. These composite/plastic roof vents also deteriorate over time due to heat and sunlight exposure causing them to become fragile and even easier for wildlife to dismantle. 

Roof Vent Cover Kit