Rat Control Package: 2 x Bait Station and 2 x Packs of Bait

Product Summary:

2 x Evo Express Exterior Bait Stations (with pre-installed concrete weight) and 2 x Packs of Bait Chunx Rodent Bait. Use these products to prevent and eliminate rat and mice in an interior or exterior space. These are high-quality products designed for commercial use and used by many pest control technicians. 



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Rat Control Kit Details:

Items Included

2 x Evo Express Exterior Bait Stations

2 x 10-Piece Pack of Hawk Bait Chunx Rodent Bait

How to Use To prepare the Bait Station, open the Bait Station lid, place 4-8 piece of Bait in the feeding tray (bait should be affixed to the feeding rods) and close/lock the lid. Place and leave the Bait Station in the location you have selected.

To monitor effectiveness, you can inspect the feeding tray to determine if Rodents have been feeding on the Bait (look for chewing on bait and rodent droppings).

How it Works

Rodents are attracted to the Bait inside the Bait Station. The rodent will enter the Bait Station, ingest the Bait and exit the Bait Station. After ingesting the Bait the rodent will die within 2 - 5 days. Only one feeding is required to kill a rodent. 

Rodents should NOT die in the Bait Station.

Where to Use

This unit can be used for any interior or exterior applications.

Place the Bait Stations along a building perimeter where rat activity has been observed or is expected. 

Pests to Use

Rats & Mice
Other Notes

The Bait Station can be configured with Bait (e.g. Hawk Bait Chunx) and/or Snap Traps (e.g. T-Rex Rat Traps).

These Bait Stations are tamper-resistant and will prevent access from un-targeted species (e.g. pets).

Manufacturer Bell Labs


Rat Control Package: 2 x Bait Station and 2 x Packs of Bait