Interior Mouse Bait Station 6-Pack

Product Summary:

6 x tamper-resistant Mouse Bait Station for Indoor Use. 




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Mouse Control Kit Details:

How to Use

Open the lid using the key (plastic key can be found in the entry hole of the Bait Station), place your selected bait in the feeding trays (bait not included) and close/lock the top lid. Place and leave the Bait Station in the location you have selected.

To monitor performance, you can open the lid and inspect the feeding tray to determine if Mice have been feeding on the Bait (look for signs of chewing on the bait and/or rodent droppings).

How it Works

This product is intended to be used with a rodenticide bait.

Mice are attracted to the Bait inside the Bait Station. A mouse will enter the Bait Station, ingest the Bait and exit the Bait Station. After ingesting the Bait the mouse will die within 2 - 5 days. Only one feeding is required to kill a single mouse. 

Mice should NOT die in the Bait Station.

Where to Use

This unit is specifically designed for indoor applications. These units can be used for both residential (e.g. in your home, garage, shed) or interior commercial/industrial applications.

Place the Bait Stations along a building perimeter where mouse activity has been observed or is expected. Attempt to place the Bait Station near a source of heat (e.g. furnace room) as mice are more likely to be attracted to these warmer areas. 

Pests to Use



Approximate dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1.5"

Interior Mouse Bait Station 6-Pack