Hawk Bait Chunx -10 Piece Bag Rat & Mice Rodent Bait

Product Summary:

10 pieces of block-type rodent bait. Idea for use in a rodent bait station. Made with the active ingredient bromadiolone, a second-generation anticoagulant.



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Hawk Bait Chunx Details:

How to Use

Place the block(s) of bait inside a rodent bait station. Bait blocks have holes to allow for affixing it to the feeding rods inside of a bait station.

The bait blocks can also be affixed to other objects using nails or wire.

How it Works

The bait contains an ingredient called bromadiolone. Bromadiolone is an anticoagulant which when ingested decreases the levels of Vitamin K in the rodents blood. Vitamin K is needed to clot blood, therefore once ingested by the rodent, they will run out of Vitamin K and ultimately die from internal bleeding. 

One feeding is considered a lethal dose. Rodent will die 2 - 5 days after ingesting the bait.

Pests to Use On

Rats and Mice

Contents: 280 grams (10 pieces x 28g each)

Safety Precautions
Be sure read all instructions and product labels before use.
Other Notes

If not using gloves when handling the bait, be sure to wash your hands afterwards. 

The bait blocks are mold and moisture resistant.

Manufacturer Motomco

Hawk Bait Chunx -10 Piece Bag Rat & Mice Rodent Bait