Squirrel 1-Way Door Exclusion Device
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Squirrel 1-Way Door Exclusion Device

Product Summary:

Durable galvanized steel professional-grade unit. Affix it to an opening where squirrels (or small wildlife) is gaining entry into an unwanted space. This will allow for animals to exit and not re-enter a space.

Also included are screws, washer, zip-ties and additional galvanized steel mesh.



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Squirrel 1-Way Door Exclusion Device Details:

Items Included

Each kit includes the following:

1 x 1-Way Door

6 x 1.5" wood screws

6 x 1/4" steel washers

6 x zip-ties

1 x 2' x 2' galvanized steel mesh.

How to Use

Affix the 1-way door to an opening where the animal is gaining entry (use the provided screws or zip-ties). In the case where the opening size is larger than the 1-way door, you can use the provided galvanized steel mesh (or any other suitable material you may have) to reduce the opening size and attach the 1-way door to the reduced opening.

Ensure the 1-way door hinges outwards to allow the animal to exit the space and not gain re-entry. Leave the door affixed for at least 3 days to allow the animal time to exit. Remove the door and seal the opening with the provided galvanized steel mesh or your own material of choice.  

Where to Use

Use this over any entry point which is allowing an animal to enter a space (e.g. soffit, roof, deck, siding, wood lattice, fence etc.).

Pests to Use

Squirrels (and other similar size wildlife animals) 
Tools Needed
If affixing the 1-way door with the provided screws, a power drill and 1/4" hexagon drill bit is needed. If the galvanized steel mesh is used then wire cutters/tin snips are required. 
Product Size

Dimensions: 8" x 10" x 1.5"

Weight: 1.25 lbs

Other Notes

Wildlife animals leave their nest generally every 24-48 hours to feed. This door will allow the animal to exit the space in order to go feed but it will not allow them to re-enter the space. It is recommended to leave the door on for a 14 days to guarantee all animals vacate.

This product is a humane alternative to trapping or killing wildlife animals.

This is a professional grade product which is used by many wildlife control professionals. Built with durable materials for a long lifespan and intended to be used many times.


Squirrel 1-Way Door Exclusion Device