Ketch-All Wind Up Multiple Mouse Trap

Product Summary:

When poison application cannot be used, the Ketchall live mouse trap can be installed to catch multiple mice and store them in the holding area. This windup system allows you to catch mouse upon mouse between inspections. As a mouse enters the trap, this spring-loaded device places the mouse into the rear of the trap and is set again for the next rodent. The removable top allows the user to dispose of or relocate the captured mice with ease. Because poison is not being used with this device, it is safe for children and pets.


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 Ketch-All Details:


How to Use Wind up the knob on the side of the steel box. Put desired lure into the trigger on the interior of the entrance area and or the back of the capture box. A glue board can also be placed in the back capture box. Place the ketch all around the perimeter.
Where to Use

These can be used in any dwelling where there is a mouse infestation. The ketchall should be checked frequently to dispose of the caught mice.

Other Benefits This product offers a non poison solution to aid in eliminating mouse infestations. It catches multiple mice so it is more efficient than a standard snap trap. 
Other Notes This product can be used consistently for multiple uses. 
Product Size

9.2" x 7.7" x 5.6"


Ketch-All Wind Up Multiple Mouse Trap