Bedbug Prevention Kit

Product Summary:


The bedbug prevention kit is a passive to help prevent getting an infestation of bedbugs. This is designed when living, travelling or staying in places where infestations of bedbugs are unknown, or if you are worried about brining them into your own dwelling from outside sources like public transit etc.

This kit includes:

-5 between the mattress monitors

-1 diatomaceous earth powder

-1 on guard residual bedbug aerosol spray



plus applicable taxes.

Bedbug Prevention Kit Details:

How to Use

Place the monitors provided in between the mattress and box spring (or bed frame and mattress is there is no boxspring). These should be checked at least once a week.

The diatomaceous earth powder can be applied around the perimeter of the room along the baseboards/under the door and or around the legs of the bed frame. The aerosol spray is to be applied around the plug outlet covers and can also be used if any live bug is seen to kill it.


How it Works


The combination of the 3 above products is to help prevent any bugs from infesting your dwelling. The powder helps to create a barrier to prevent bedbugs from just walking in from other surrounding dwellings as they are very mobile. The residual spray around the plug outlets is designed to do the same thing as it is common for bedbugs to crawl through the electrical that is attached in multi residential dwellings. The between the mattress monitors are a way to ensure early detection in the event that any bugs happen to get into your dwelling.
Where to Use

 Designed for use in bedrooms, however it can be used under cushions of couches etc. 

Target Pest Bedbugs
Other Notes


Bedbug Prevention Kit