Spider Killer Aerosol Spray

Product Summary:

A long-lasting residual spray is crucial when battling spiders around your property. Together with the cobweb duster and Doktor Dooms Spider Killer Knockdown, these spiders don’t stand a chance. Have hard to reach areas? Fear not! As this aerosol can deliver treatment up to 18 feet away. The product is fast acing, water based with a lemongrass scent! Say goodbye to spiders and the smell of chemicals this season with Doktor Dooms Premium Quality Products.


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Spider Killer Details:


How to Use After cob webs are removed, apply the residual spray to the area where the webs and spiders were. Apply the spray in areas like corners and around upper perimeters of overhangs. 
Where to Use

The spray can be used both inside and outside in areas where spiders will build nests. 

Other Benefits This product helps keep the areas that it is used free from cob webs and other insects and helps keep an area clean.
Other Notes This product works well when used with the cob web duster and extension pole.
Product Size

500g aerosol can


Spider Killer Aerosol Spray